Introducing the LEDGE Saddle Hunting Platform: The Ultimate Platform for the Mobile Hunter

Introducing the LEDGE Saddle Hunting Platform: The Ultimate Platform for the Mobile Hunter

The Timber Ninja Outdoors LEDGE platform was built out of necessity. With its exceptional safety-first design, and a host of innovative features, this platform is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Designed for both convenience and performance, the LEDGE offers a 14"x14" platform that provides ample space for hunters to stand and take aim easily. Its generous dimensions allow you to maintain a stable position while aiming, even on your weak side. What sets the LEDGE apart is its depth, enabling you to comfortably stand and shoot without compromising your balance or stability.

Photo: Beau Martonik / Justin Mueller

Thanks to its compact and lightweight construction, the LEDGE is easy to transport and set up in even the most remote locations weighing in at just 5 lbs. Whether you're navigating dense forests, climbing steep inclines, or trekking through challenging terrain, the LEDGE won't slow you down. It's the perfect companion for hunters who value agility, mobility, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Don’t let the lightness fool you. Crafted from billet aluminum, the LEDGE stands head and shoulders above the competition. Unlike die-cast alternatives that can fracture over time, our billet aluminum construction ensures unmatched durability and long-lasting performance. In fact, during rigorous testing, the LEDGE withstood an astonishing 826 lbs of force before failing at a weld. Rest assured, this platform is built to endure the rigors of the hunt.

With a weight rating of 350 lbs, the LEDGE sets the bar for strength and reliability, boasting the highest weight capacity in the industry. You can confidently bring along your gear and equipment without worrying about compromising your safety or the platform's integrity. The LEDGE has been engineered to support you through thick and thin, providing a rock-solid foundation for your hunting endeavors.

When it comes to stealth, the LEDGE doesn't disappoint. Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure a quiet closure mechanism, allowing you to transition in and out of position without alerting nearby deer lying in their beds. Slip into your hunting location silently and remain undetected, giving you the upper hand when it matters most.

The integrated versa button on the LEDGE offers a clean look, removing unnecessary weight, and helps with silent closure.

Safety and stability are paramount in the elevated hunting world, which is why the LEDGE features a non-skid powder coat finish. The specially designed coating ensures a firm grip, eliminating any chance of slipping or sliding, even in wet or challenging weather conditions. Not only does it provide a reliable foothold, but it also eliminates unwanted noise, giving you the advantage of silence as you maneuver into position.

Experience unmatched convenience with the super aggressive cam of the LEDGE. Designed to eliminate the need for "toe hooking" techniques, this cam bites the tree in a way that you won’t have to worry about it kicking out on you. 

Photo: Beau Martonik / Justin Mueller


Equipped with platform leveling capabilities, the LEDGE ensures that you always have a stable and comfortable base, regardless of the tree lean. Adjust the platform to your desired angle, accommodating uneven surfaces and providing an optimal shooting position. With the LEDGE, you can adapt to any hunting scenario with ease, enhancing your overall experience and increasing your chances of success.

Join the ranks of elite hunters who trust the LEDGE Hunting Saddle Platform by Timber Ninja Outdoors. Its lightweight design, robust construction, expansive platform, and array of innovative features make it the go-to choice for hunters seeking unrivaled performance. Elevate your hunting game to new heights and conquer the mountains with confidence and precision.