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Purchased this saddle just for a draw hunt in Tennessee. First time saddle hunting and I’m hooked. I have set in the saddle for 3 days straight and comfortable is an understatement. I can see me using this saddle for a long time time.

10/10. (I’ll give it an 11/10 when I smoke my first slammer out of it).

Durable durable durable

This thing is a tank. It allows for good movement and foot placement to help with all angles. Very good grip to the tree. Dont be dumb like me though , and make sure to order your strap with it!!

What others aspire to be

This is the best saddle on the market. The ability to make simple adjustments provides amazing comfort while sitting in a tree for hours at a time. I can't think of anything negative to say at all, and thank you for making this in the USA!

Absolutely what I was wanting. Weight is the reason I ordered these, and they are made for the Kong Duck ascenders. Which I have.

Where have these been all my life!!!

What an upgrade to the old nylon strap and buckle!! Super quiet, light, easy to stow and strong!

A great alternative to heavy attachment methods

Great attachment. I did adjust the prusik knot and made it a Schwabisch knot as the regular prusik would get to tight trying to remove my stick or platform. Once you make that adjustment, it works very well.

Black Belt Nano Saddle
Ethan Rodrigue

I purchased the nano to use as a “hybrid” system with my hang on. But after several sits with it, it’s fine my self using my hang on as a “hybrid” with my nano! Dead silent, comfortable, extremely lightweight and ease of silent movement makes this saddle hard to beat!

Wobbling steps

Love everything about these sticks, besides the fact I’m 160lbs and when I step on the steps they wobble and lean to the side my foot is on, idk if that’s how they were intended to be designed but the first time it happened it almost shat my pants.

Quiet and no fuss!

Swapped to these for my climbing sticks and never looking back. Obviously much quieter than cam buckles and less fuss than tying a knot, especially as we get into the colder months. Will be recommending to everyone.

This puts cam buckles to shame! Easy to set up, lightweight, and super strong. Basically no stretch at all and makes my platform feel like an actual hard floor up in the tree compared to the stretchy cam buckle straps some come with! Will never use another style again!

The LEDGE Platform
Gunnar emberg

The ULTIMATE platform. Extremely strong, rock solid in the tree when paired with the SSP system from Timberninja, and no slipping, even when its wet! The integrated Versa button makes the design sleek and cuts down on added weight! My go to platform for all saddle hunts now!

Black Belt Nano Saddle
Gunnar emberg

Out of all the lightweight saddles I've sat in, this is by far the most comfortable. All the thought and detail that went into this design really shows in its function. Magnetic stick clips, magnetic platform hauler, magnetic buckle, tacky bridge; everything works together to make your hunting experience amazing!

Quiet and easy!

Super lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly, quiet. I like to sneak in close to mountain whitetail bedding and lightweight, quick and quiet gear is important. Once I toe-hook my stand with the SSP it doesn’t move. Have definitely recommended this to hunting buddies.

Black Belt Saddle
Cody Weatherly
Comfortable saddle

I have no complaints with this saddle. I’m not a huge fan of the leg straps, but you can easily use it without them attached if you don’t like them. This thing is comfortable for all day sits and has plenty of back support. Since I started using this, I dread whenever I have to ground hunt anymore because a chair just isn’t as comfortable. I like that it has the molle webbing. It allows me to not only attach my pouches, but also allows me to attach my climbing sticks so I can climb in one trip. This saddle exceeds expectations.

Best saddle on the market

I have purchased and used almost every saddle on the market trying to find what will work for me. I received my black belt ultimate Friday afternoon, hunted with the saddle for 5 days (even took a spike my first hour using the BB Ultimate).Held off writing this review for the new toy affect to wear off. Let me just say this saddle absolutely blew my mind!! Extremely comfortable, light weight. Two of my other "big brand" saddles just went up for sale.Hats off to the team at timber ninja.

Black Belt Nano Saddle
Austin Carpenter

Jammed packed full of great yet simple features! Super lightweight and stupid comfortable. Works perfect for every style of mobile hunting. I use it as a saddle and a hybrid system. No complaints

Another great TN product

The Nano is everything I would expect from everyone at Timber Ninja. It's obvious that this saddle(and all their products) were built by guys that are actually out there doing it. The little details and "extras" that make everything more efficient is what impresses me. I purchased C1 sticks the first year they were available and have been nothing but impressed, so when I saw the line of saddles coming out I knew they were going to be a tool I needed to have, and knew they were going to be the best version possible. I've been a treestand hunter my entire life and this Nano has opened my eyes to other possibilities. Comfortable, light, built like a tank, and a great company(which means the most). Great job to everyone that had their hands in this design, quality is second to none. If you're looking for another tool to add to the box or an everyday saddle hunter, this saddle will check all the boxes.

Great saddle. Site is a little misleading

I really enjoy my saddle. It’s a great product with a lot of thought into the materials and set up. Feel secure and safe while climbing and has great features with stick holder and quick attachments.

On the site the picture shows it with pouches. With the price of the saddle I assumed it came with the pouches. It does say it in the description so it is on me. Just wish all the pictures didn’t represent it with the pouches. Most companies with have the extra accessories partly transparent to represent it is not included.

First sit

I put the saddle on to walk to my tree had to walk through some brush to get there and found that one of the tree stick holders fell off somewhere in the brush. Never found it. Not to crazy about it being removable. Should be like the platform holder sewed one one end.

SSP - Sticks, Stand, and Platform Attachment Rope

Camera arm

Works perfect! Quiet and lightweight

Amsteel S.S.P.

Love everything about these! More secure, way lighter, and absolutely zero noise with these!

6mm Rope Desert Camo
Marty Bartram
Nothing but the best

Everything you get from Timber Ninja is impeccably sourced, down to the thread. No shortcuts equates to a safe and comfortable experience.

Like wearing a cloud

This thing is the lightest saddle I’ve ever worn. Don’t even realize you have it on. Super comfortable in the tree and worth every penny