We're just three normal dudes that love the outdoors!  We have a passion for exploring different areas of the country chasing adventures.  We've all grown up chasing critters and being gear nerds, so ironically we came together to create a company to share products that came from ideas of making current mobile hunting products better and more efficient. 

Its an interesting story of how our paths came together.  Tyler and Jordan have been friends most of their life which they were born and raised in Western North Carolina.  Jason is the stray of the group which he met Tyler in the gym locker room, based on a conversation about a hunting shirt Tyler was wearing.  Jason (in normal clothes) doesn't strike most people as the rugged outdoorsman, but regardless a bond formed between the two.  Throughout their conversations Tyler kept mentioning to Jason about his buddy Jordan and who he thought he should meet because they had similar introverted personalities.  After Jason knocked down a buck deep in the local National Forest he called Tyler to see if he wanted to hike in for a late night packout, which Tyler agreed and asked if Jordan could join.  Well after packing out in a mild snowstorm and returning to the truck at 2am, Jordan and Jason had become formally introduced.  

Here we are with the creation of Timber Ninja Outdoors which was created to bring innovative and efficient mobile hunting products to market for those that hunt out of saddles, treestands, or on the ground.  Our goal is to bring our combined recreational and business experiences together and deliver the most efficient and safest products to market with an outstanding level of customer service to back it up.