About Us

Timber Ninja Outdoors was founded because of a need for more efficient and innovative products for the mobile hunter. We were tired of using products that didn’t pack well, were too loud, or were too heavy. Our goal is simple, we plan to be the leader in product innovation using modern material such as carbon fiber and set the standard for customer service. In addition we will put our best foot forward with giving back financially and with sweat, to protect our public land, wildlife conservation, habitat conservation, and new hunter recruitment and mentorship.

We strive for our “tools of the trade” to be efficient and useful for our customers. Our products are developed and tested in the backcountry by die hard backcountry mobile ninjas. Our products are and will always be tested by a "third party" lab to the highest standards, to ensure that our customers are safe and get to go home to their families.  We will also strive to the best of our abilities to make as many of our products in America with American-made materials.

What is a “Timber Ninja?” Ninjas are masters of martial arts, and we consider hunting a martial art. Timber Ninjas are those that have progressed through the ranks of hunting and are consistently working towards their black belt. If you like the adventure of the hunt and like the “Type II Fun” that comes with pushing the limits, then follow us and #huntlikeaninja.